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By: James Keats | March 30, 2018

We're getting into the final stretch now! Re[Mod] is almost feature complete.

Last week involved adding TWO new weapon parts! We're almost done with weapons; after this, there's only one more grip and then we're finished! This week included the riot shield, which was super simple to implement (essentially, it just adds a "damage zone" to the player when equipped that absorbs 90% of damage). The second was the Revenge Trap, a grip that drops a grenade when the player dies, doing a massive amount of damage to everyone around them. Both of these saw a ton of usage at QA, and are already crowd favorites!

We also did a bunch of stuff with game rules/score. The game now tracks things like headshots, killstreaks, multi-kills, and more, and gives extra points for these! Each is tied to a special bonus score, a few announcer lines, and hype text. This has had a big impact on the team aspect of re[Mod]. At QA, teams are talking to each other more than ever, and the scores that we're seeing at the end are growing. One of the big things for this coming sprint is making sure that players can check their score and their team's score at any time.

That's all for now, we're getting into the final stretch and trying to spend as much time on the actual game as possible!

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