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By: James Keats | April 11, 2018


There's been a lot happening over the last few weeks, and I've been too busy to update this blog like I'm supposed to. A lot of really awesome stuff has happened in my personal life (I just got a job offer, I've been spending time apartment hunting and setting up finances for post-graduation), and it's taken away from some of my class work. In terms of actual tasks, it's been full-steam-ahead for re[Mod], but things like my blog have fallen by the wayside.

The past few weeks have been mainly focused on polish and bug-fixing, with very little "new" stuff being implemented. A big exception to this is the massive UI overhaul we did. The in-game HUD has been more-or-less final for quite some time, but the main menu needed a lot of love. Charlie and I worked together to add animations and sound to almost every element, and the result is quite engaging.

For fun, I also looked at the history of our entire git project. The results, when visualized, are pretty stunning. It's incredible to see how much this project has grown over time.

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