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By: James Keats | November 15, 2017

Weekly State of the Repo

This week was primarily spent fine-tuning documentation and getting in a few last minute features. I also spent a good chunk of time removing unused code and refactoring things to make potentially bringing on new people a much smoother process.

This weekend we also got the whole team together (plus one of our main underclassmen supporters, Zach Phillips) to play the game and record a ton of footage for our trailer. While the editing for this is not quite done yet, and so I can't include it in this post, it was a lot of fun to have the whole band together. A lot of the time in this work session was simply spent playing the game and trying to capture some unscripted awesome moments. We also did some choreographed sequences as well. I made a special "camera build" of the game which stripped the viewport down to the bare minimum, and added a noclip mode for flying around and getting good shots.

New Features

There were two main new features this week:

  1. A lobby waiting room where the player spawns for the first ~45 seconds after connecting so that they can get used to the controls and adjust their sensitivity before being moved to the match. This was a feature specifically requested by our professor.
  2. A "custom name" menu. After players enter a custom name, it appears above their head on everyone else's screen for the remainder of the match. This was a frequently requested feature.

The rest of the time this week is going towards documentation and prepping our final presentation. The show is in 5 days, so the pressure is mounting. We're hoping to get our presentation into a nearly final state by the end of today, and then fine-tune and tweak over the coming weekend. Next time I make a post, we'll know if we're going on to next semester or not!

Fingers crossed!

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